The Ultimate Handyman Trailer

The Ultimate Handyman Trailer

Back in September, I purchased a brand new 10×5 cargo trailer from the kind folks a Trailer City.  My new trailer had to meet a few criteria.

  1. Fit all my gear; plus
  2. Fit at least 6 sheets of 4×8 plywood; and
  3. Look professional; and
  4. Fit in my garage.

It turns out, item number 4 above made items number 1 and 2 hard to achieve.  To fit my gear and 6 sheets of plywood, I knew I needed at least a 5×10.  But to fit in my garage, the trailer had to be less than 7 feet tall.

The trailer that I bought was initially 7 feet 1 inch tall, but Bob (who is a great guy) over at Trailer City came up with a great solution.  He changed out the stock 15-inch tires with 14-inch tires.  That brought the trailer down to 6’11”! Now it fits in my garage (but just barely!!!!)

Over the past several weeks I have been slowly building it out.  While I’m not done yet, it is now at a point where it is usable.  This trailer is by far the best investment I have made to date.  Now, all my handyman gear has a place.

Here are some pictures of it now.  Keep checking back, as I still have big plans for it.  First on the list is removing the metal tool box that is in there now and replacing it with a custom wooden one.  I’ve already started building it and hope to finish and install it next week.


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