Picture and Art Hanging

Picture and Art Hanging in Houston, Texas

If you live in Houston, Texas and are looking for a qualified professional to hang pictures, hang art work, or hang mirrors, look no further.  I can hang your items on any type of wall including Sheetrock, concrete, brick, tile and wood.

Hanging pictures, art, and mirrors can be a frustrating, time-consuming job. Worse, in the end you may not be pleased with the results of your efforts. By hiring Taylored Home Solutions to hang your items, you can avoid these headaches.  I guarantee the job will be done right the first time.

What Sets Me Apart

When it comes to hanging pictures, art, or photos, I am a perfectionist.  In fact, to make sure the job comes out perfectly, I use a Bosch line laser.   I also fabricated a tool (i.e., The Taylored Hanger) that enables me to install the mounting hardware on the wall in exactly the right place, the FIRST time, which eliminates needless wall damage.  Using the Bosch line laser and The Taylored Hanger enables me to hang items faster than the competition (which saves you money), and the results come out perfect every time!

Types of Wall-Mounting Hardware

I use only the best hardware to hang pictures, art, and mirrors.  I also ensure that the hardware is properly rated for the weight and size of your item.


For items that will be installed on Sheetrock, I primarily use Wall Dog Fasteners.  I really like these fasteners because they are strong and secure, but most of all they save me a lot of time (which saves you a lot of money).  Since these fasteners do not require any predrilling, I can just mark the location, install the fastener, and move on.  Also, since there is no predrilling, the amount of dust generated is minimized, which means I spend less time cleaning up AND, less dust is just healthier for you, your family, and your pets.


For items that will be installed on concrete, brick, or other masonry surfaces, I primarily use Tapcon fasteners.  These are pretty much the industry standard of securing items to masonry.


I only use wood screws when installing items to wood.  It may sound obvious to state this, but I have seen examples when sheet rock screws were used instead.


Drilling into tile can be tricky business and I try to avoid it whenever possible.  For items that weigh less than 4 pounds, one option is using an adhesive hanger such a Command™ Picture Hanging Strips.  But if your tile is too smooth or too rough, sometimes these just won’t work.

For heaver items, an option to consider is hanging the item from the ceiling using very thin wire.  This can actually create quite an appealing look.  Another option is installing a chair rail above the tile and hanging the item from it.

What’s next?

When you are ready to have a qualified professional hang your pictures, art, or mirrors call me at 281-827-2614.  I understand that what you choose to display in your home or office reflects you as an individual.  That’s why I will take the time to go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

To see examples of some of the items I have hung, check out my Handyman Blog.

Have a great day!
Adam Taylor – Owner
Taylored Home Solutions, LLC