Ikea Furniture Assembly

IKEA Furniture Assembly – Memorial Handyman – Houston, Texas

If you live in the Memorial, Spring Branch, or Energy Corridor areas of Houston, Texas and are looking for a qualified professional to assemble and install your new IKEA furniture, look no further.  I can have your IKEA furniture fully assembled and set up in no time.

If you are going to assemble your IKEA furniture yourself, here a few tips that will help simplify the assembly process and reduce your stress too!

Move the boxes close to the final destination

Now is the time to move all the boxes to the final destination.  Once assembled, your new furniture will be much harder to move.  Also, make sure you have enough room to work.  If it means temporary moving some items out of the way, do it.

Unpack everything

To make the process go as smooth as possible, unpack everything.  And I do mean everything!  Once everything is unpacked, go through the boxes and make sure you didn’t miss anything.  Once you’re sure all the boxes are empty, move them, and the packing materials, to another room.  The key is to unclutter your work space as much as possible.

Get organized

Lay all the parts out so that all the labels can be seen.  IKEA is really good at clearly marking all the parts.  Also, locate the instructions and keep them safe!!!

Once you have all the furniture parts laid out, find the “nuts and bolts” page in the instructions.  This page lists all the screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware that will be used during assembly. Now, match up the actual screws, nuts and bolts with the pictures on the page and keep them in their own piles.  I use post it notes to keep everything organized.  While this may seem tedious at first, it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Start assembling

Now you are ready to begin assembling.  The key to assembling IKEA furniture is to follow each step in on the instructions carefully.  Go slow and take your time.  Believe me when I say this will save you more time in the end.  Being careful now ensures that you will assemble it right the first time and not have to back-track several steps to correct an error.

Handyman tips:

To keep the instructions from getting misplaced, I like to clip them to a clip board.

When it comes to inserting the wooden dowels, place a drop of wood glue such as Titebond in the hole before pressing the dowels into place.  The wood glue will ensure the joint stays firmly in place.

Don’t over tighten the screws!  To reduce costs, the vast majority of IKEA furniture is constructed from pine or particle board.  These materials are very soft and will tear very easily.  If you apply too much torque, you will end up weakling or cracking the area around the screw, which could weaken the structural integrity of the item.

If you follow these tips, your assembly should go smoothly, but if you decide you are ready to have a qualified professional assemble your IKEA furniture, call me at 281-827-2614. I have extensive experience assembling IKEA’s furnishings.

As part of my furniture assembly service, I also breakdown all the boxes and take the boxes and packing materials with me.  I will make sure any materials that are recyclable (card board and plastic) get recycled, and any items that are not recyclable (Styrofoam) get properly disposed.  Not only is this better for the environment, it saves you from having to carry anything to the curb on trash day!

Have a great day!
Adam Taylor – Owner
Taylored Home Solutions, LLC