Handyman jobs completed – Week of Sept. 26 2016

Handyman jobs completed – Week of Sept. 26 2016

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, what kinds of jobs can you do?  To help answer that question, I have decided to write a weekly blog that summarizes the jobs I completed for that week.  So, without further ado, here it goes:

Monday: I was scheduled to replace an attic door in Nottingham Forest , but the job got rescheduled at the last minute.  I ended up finishing up some odds and ends for another customer in Wilchester such as – building a simple frame around an old bathroom mirror, replacing a shelf in a laundry room, polishing a brass fire place, and replacing decorative trim around some windows.  I also started on Sheetrock patch job in Ashford Forest.  I forgot to take pictures…

Tuesday: I replaced most of the screen around a screen-in porch at a house located in Fleetwood.  I also worked on the Sheetrock patch job at the house in Ashford Forest some more.  The folks in Ashford Forest were also having a hard time opening their front door from the outside.  Their front door has a 1980’s era Baldwin mortise-style lock set.  I run into this problem quite a bit and have devised a top-secret way to fix it!

Wednesday: I hung hung 3 mirrors in a curved stairway at a house located in Cypress Creek (in Cypress, TX).  It was actually the hardest picture hanging job I’ve done to date.  The stairs were so curved, I had to build a platform for my ladder before I could even hang them.  Once I completed that job, the customer asked me to hang several other items.  After that, I added another layer of mud to that Sheetrock repair job I started on Monday.

Thursday: I replaced a kitchen sink way down in Pearland, TX.  Pearland is typically outside my service area, but I will make the trip on occasion.  For this customer I also installed a new shower head, installed a new toilet paper holder, replaced rotted window trim, and replaced 2 toilet seats.

Friday: I completed the Sheetrock repair I started on Monday (finally).  I really don’t enjoy Sheetrock repair work.  It is so messy!  I also did some some touch-up painting for another customer in Wilchester.

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