Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 3, 2016

Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 3, 2016

Welcome to my weekly blog for the Handyman jobs I completed for the week. My hope is to give people a better understanding of the types of jobs that I do.

Monday – I only had one customer today.  They live in Heathwood.  For them I replaced eight LED lights, a fluorescent light, lit a pilot light on a gas water heater, repaired a ceiling fan, programmed two garage door openers, programmed one gate opener, hung blinds, and fixed their gate.

Tuesday –  My first customer was located in Blackhorse Ranch up in Cypress, TX.  I removed a bathroom mirror that was glued to a wall with liquid nails and changed a light.  Then I managed to lock my car keys in my handyman trailer!!!  The good news is, I know know a good locksmith up in the Cypress area!

My second customer lives in Bridgeland which is also in Cypress, TX.  For them I assembled an air hockey table, hung a lot of art work, hung a large mirror, hung towel racks, and a variety of other organization items from IKEA.

My third stop of the day was for one of my regular customers who owns a vacant house in Willcrest.  The house was broken into a few months back and I just check on it weekly.  For them I watered the grass and some new flowers, emptied the mailbox, and removed some of the boards from the windows.  I put the boards up for them when the house was first broken into.  If there is a silver lining to this story, they can reuse the boards when the next hurricane rolls into town.

Wednesday – I replaced a garbage disposal down in Meyerland, TX.  Meyerland is actually outside of my service area, but I did this for one of my customers who lives in Fleetwood, but has a rental property in Meyerland.  I also started working on building out my Handyman trailer.

Thursday – I only had one customer who lives in the Village of Bunker Hill.  For them I replaced a rotted threshold, repaired Hardie Plank, finished painting a laundry room, repaired a leaking hose reel, repaired a gate, sanded, primed, and painted a door frame. I also got bit by a dog!!!

Friday – I worked on my Handyman trailer in the morning. In the afternoon I hung some large art work and raised a kitchen light fixture for a customer in Barker Lake, which is in Cypress, TX.

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