Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 31, 2016

Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 31, 2016

Welcome to my weekly blog for the Handyman jobs I completed during the week of October 31, 2016. My hope is to give people a better understanding of the types of jobs that I can do.

I have included photos at the bottom of this post. If you click on the first photo, you can use your left and right arrows on your keypad to scroll through the rest.

Monday – I only had one customer today. I fixed their attic stairs, repaired the trim around a microwave, removed bathroom hardware (so they could paint), installed a shelf in the laundry room, repaired a gutter downspout, and added about 75 feet of trim the the bottom of a fence.

Originally the customer asked me to replace the attic stairs, but after I looked at them, I decided I could fix them. The problem was that whoever originally installed the stairs did not use enough nails. In fact, they only put nails in two of the four sides of the framing members. This caused the framing members of the stairs to crack and split over time, which caused the stairs to shift down, which caused the trim boards to separate from the ceiling. It also caused the spring guides to bend so the stairs would no longer close. It all sounds like a lot of work, but it only took me about 30 minutes to fix. Considering new stairs cost about $200 and take about 3 hours to install, I was able to save the customer a lot of money!

Tuesday – For my first customer I installed a new bathroom sink, hung a bathroom mirror, hung a towel rack, tightened a toilet lid, repaired a kitchen cabinet hinge, and re-secured a dishwasher to the cabinet.

For my second customer I repaired their front door. It seems they locked themselves out and had to kick in the front door to get back in. For this job I had to take a piece of the old trim to the hardware store I could match it. Lowes had just what I needed, so I was able to finish the repair pretty quick.

Wednesday – I only had one customer on Wednesday. I started the day by removing/cleaning some air condition vents (registers) that were located up stairs. For some reason, all the upstairs registers were moldy, so I went into the attic to see if I could determine the cause. It turns out, the registers were not properly sealed to the ceiling, nor were they insulated properly. I fixed both problems with Great Stuff (it really is great stuff). While I was up there, I noticed the insulation was missing in several places. From what I could tell, whoever installed the recessed lighting just moved the insulation out of the way while they installed the lights and didn’t bother to put it back. It also looked like the cable company had a hand in it as well. When the strung their cables through the attic, they did the same thing. They just moved the insulation out of their way and didn’t bother to replace it. There were several areas that measured 24 inches wide by about 15 feet long that had no insulation at all. Talk about wasting energy! Lazy contractors really make me mad.

After that I used Great Stuff the air seal under a window and around some water pipes (I could literally feel the cool air from inside the house blowing through the holes), glued the trim back onto a door, repaired a could of nail pops, replaced some light bulbs, and troubleshot a garage door opener (I ended up ordering a new control board that I will install at a later date).

Thursday – I only had one customer on Thursday too. For them I re leveled some landscape bricks, sealed their front walkway with a sealer they supplied, repaired a teak patio chair, re-glued a landscaping stone, buried some coax cable to prevent a tripping hazard, installed new low-voltage lights in the backyard and troubleshot and repaired the low-voltage lights in the backyard, and spread 4 bags of mulch.

Friday – On Friday I replaced a ceiling fan on a 12-foot ceiling and replaced a lot of rotting window trim.

Well, that about wraps up the jobs I competed for this week. If you are looking for a qualified handyman to help you with your projects around the house, feel free to give me a call or send me a text. I’b be glad to help you out.

Have a great day!
Adam Taylor

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