Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 17, 2016

Handyman jobs completed – Week of Oct 17, 2016

Welcome to my weekly blog for the Handyman jobs I completed during the week of October 17, 2016.  My hope is to give people a better understanding of the types of jobs that I can do.  

Starting this week, I’ve changed the photo format a bit.  Now if you scroll over the first photo, you will see arrows that point left and right.  If you click on the picture, you can use your left and right arrows to scroll through all of the photos.

Sunday – I don’t typically work weekends, but this customer was having guests over to watch the football game, and she needed help that day.  The cold-water handle in their guest bathroom came loose which made it hard to turn off the water.  To fix the problem, I replaced the stem valve in the faucet.  I also replaced the stem on the hot water side too.  Lucky for me, Ace Hardware had all the parts I needed, and is open on Sundays!

Monday – I had a last-minute reschedule, so I spent the first part of the morning working on my handyman trailer.  For my first customer, I modified a built-in desk to make it more functional.  The desk is located in their living room.  Apparently Mr. Kickerillo thought it would be a good idea to put pointed trim in the area where your legs go.  The homeowner would bang their knees on it every time they sat down.  To make it look right, and give a little extra leg room, we decided to go ahead and remove the drawer too.  Once I removed everything, I sanded it smooth and primed it with Kilz.  

For my second customer, I repaired a water fountain that was in her backyard.  It turns out the GFCI was tripped, so it was an easy fix!

Tuesday – I had another last-minute reschedule.  But my 18-month-old son was sick that day, so I spent the day hanging out with him on the couch.  🙂

Wednesday – I pressure washed the stone facade of a house.  I also pressured washed the stone fences on either side of the house.  I typically only pressure wash horizontal surfaces (driveways, walkways, and decks) because using high pressure on siding and even some brick can cause damage.  Once I was done with the pressure washing, I washed all 39 of the downstairs windows.  

Thursday – I trimmed a tree WAY back, fixed a leaking hose spigot, insulated an exterior pipe, installed two hose hangers into brick, and pressure washed a travertine deck.  I also applied two coats of a stone sealer to the deck.  I use TSS-100, which is manufactured by Texas Stone Sealers.  I really like this product.  It is pretty easy to apply and does a great job of sealing the stone, but perhaps the best part is that you can walk on it 30 minutes after it is applied.  This is really great if you have kids and/or pets.  

Friday – I added a shelf into a laundry area, installed a paper towel holder, dish rag rack, broom rack, and hung a lot of artwork and pictures.  Take a look at the photos below.  I was really nervous about hanging that ironwork above the bed.  The ironwork was actually part of an old door, but the homeowner repurposed it.  Since it was not meant to hang on the wall, I had to figure out how to hang it safely and securely (four children live in the house), and level.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see that I used my Bosch laser to ensure it was level.  I also hung three items above another bed.  I also used my laser to make sure they were perfect.  If you are interested in reading more about how I hang pictures, you can visit my picture and art hanging webpage.  

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