Handyman jobs completed – 2016 Highlights (Part 2)

Handyman jobs completed – 2016 Highlights (Part 2)

Hexagon Bench Around a Tree

Some time back in July (when it was about 200 degrees outside), I built this hexagon bench around a tree.  The customer and I decided the flower bed should not be visible once the bench was completed.  If you look closely at the pictures, you will see the tree is not centered in the middle of the flower bed, the tree is growing at an angle, and the flower bed is not perfectly round.  As you can imagine, this project took all kinds of ingenuity to make it turn out right.

To get it right, I used a free 3D modeling program (Sketchup) to help me figure everything out.  By using the program, I saved a lot of time while building, and it also helped me minimize waste.  

There is really not much more to say about this project other than the homeowner was really happy with it and hired me again to hang a TV, replace a ceiling fan, and fix a giant hole in their chimney.  

To be continued…  

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