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Environmental friendly mosquito repellent, Houston, TX

If your looking for an environmentally friendly option to keep the mosquitoes off your family and pets, try out Bye-You Bug®.  This is an amazing product that is safe to use on all your family members.  We even put it on our one-year-old!  As per their website:

Bye-You Bug® is an all-natural mosquito deterrent and cover scent that is non-greasy and aromatic. Our formula is biodegradable and safe for everyone including expecting mothers, children, and pets.”

As a handyman, I spend a fair amount of time outdoors, and mosquitoes have always been a problem for me.  For some reason, they just love my ankles…

Before I found this stuff, I used to cover myself with Deep Woods Off.  Don’t get me wrong, Off works great (Deet is the active ingredient), but then I always smelled like Off. My wife dubbed the smell as my “hunting cologne”.  Plus I didn’t like the idea of spraying myself with chemicals on a regular basis.

Now that I found Bye-You Bug®, not only do I smell better (that is a relative term of course….) I am helping the environment (go green!!!) by using less chemicals.

I first learned about this stuff from the owners of the company, Sarah and Ryan McDonald.  They had a booth set up in front of Ace Hardware City.  They were kind enough to spend some time with me and talk abut his product.  Talk about some good people.

It turns out Bye-You Bug® was the brain child of Sarah’s mom (Dr. Laura Plunkett, Ph.D., DABT), who is also an owner of the company.  Dr. Plunkett is also the owner and President of Integrative Biostrategies, LLC, a health and environmental sciences consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. She has over twenty years experience in the areas of pharmacology and toxicology.  For more information you can read Dr. Plunkett’s bio here.  She really knows her stuff when it comes to mosquitoes.  

If you want to learn more about the mosquito they have some really interesting information on their mosquito facts page.  I know I learned something!

So, if you are looking for a safe mosquito repellent for your kids, or just another way to live a little greener, give Bye-You Bug a try.  I think you will be glad you did.  The Ace hardware located on Memorial near Dairy Ashford has it in stock.  You can also buy Bye-You Bug® on Amazon.

I primarily provide handyman services to zip codes 77079, 77077, and 77024, but am willing to travel to other portions of Houston, Texas.  Feel free to call me to discuss the details of your project.

Have a great day!

Adam Taylor


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