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I don’t really do quotes anymore.  I really love doing the punch-list kind of stuff, and for that, I find an hourly rate works best.  I charge $80/hour plus a $40 service call.  I bill in 15-minute increments.  I do have a $120 minimum, so be sure you have enough work to keep my busy for that hour!

Since I’m on your clock, I’ll do just about anything you need.  I’ve flipped mattress, rotated rugs, put a large rug under a large bed, and cut up large boards so the trash man would take them.

While I don’t do remodels or paint entire houses, I do have every tool imaginable in my handyman trailer, so I can handle almost any job you have.  I have a table saw, chop saw, track saw, 23 foot ladder, 5 nail guns, an air compressor, power sanders, and a million other tools to get the job done.

I have painting supplies so I can paint your bathroom or items that I build (I build a lot of custom shelves).

I also keep a variety of anchors, screws, and other fasteners with me so I don’t have to run out to the store.  I can hang or mount just about anything in just about any material including brick, stucco, and tile.

If you call or text me about your projects, I’d be happy to give you an estimate on the amount of time it will take me.  We can talk about what materials you may need.  If anything will need to be purchased, we can decide if I should buy them on the way to your house, or if you would rather pick them up before I get there.  I don’t markup any materials.  I show you the receipt and just add it to your invoice.

I do have a limited service area, so please include your zip code if you use the form below.  For a faster response, you can text me at 281-827-2614.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Have a great day!
Adam Taylor
Call or text – 281-827-2614

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