Small Jobs… DONE!

Houston, TX Handyman Service

Taylored Home Solutions, LLC is a professional handyman service serving the Memorial area of Houston, TX.  I’m focused on providing the highest quality handyman service, while keeping the environment in mind.

I have a love for tools, helping people, and solving problems, so in 2016 I decided to starting working for myself and opened Taylored Home Solutions.  Small Jobs. Done!

The Green Handyman in Houston, TX

I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental geology from Stephen F. Austin State University.  From 2000 to 2016 I worked as consulting geologist before I opened my handyman business.  Having an environmental degree, working as an environmental consultant, and working with a variety of environmental regulators for the last 16 years has given me a unique perspective on how I can provide the best handyman service to my customers while keeping the environment in mind.

As part of my handyman service, I strive to recycle waste materials that are generated during my handyman jobs.  This can be something as simple as making sure cardboard boxes make it to the recycle bin after a job is completed.  Or it can mean re-purpose something that is no longer needed.  For example, I recently replaced a mailbox in the neighborhood of Ashford Forest (zip code 77077).  Instead of throwing away the old mailbox, I gave it to my 11-year-old daughter who painted it and now proudly displays it in her bedroom.

I also provide eco-friendly pressure washing services.  As we all know, the Memorial area of Houston, TX is located along Buffalo Bayou.  The bayou is one of the features that makes this portion of Houston, TX so beautiful.  But did you know, all of the storm sewers in the Memorial neighborhoods are directly connected to Buffalo Bayou?  This means that anything and everything that goes down a storm drain ultimately ends up in Buffalo Bayou.  This includes tennis balls, flip flops, and pressure washing chemicals.  Even if you wash your car in the driveway, if you let the soap run down your driveway and into the storm drain, the soap ends up in the bayou.  To learn more about how I pressure wash, please visit my eco-friendly pressure washing webpage.

How I’m Different from other Handymen in Houston, TX

While I can fix almost anything, I do not claim to be a “one call does it all” type of handyman service. Quality of work and customer trust are my top priorities. I know my limitations and would rather turn a job down than to perform less-than-perfect work.

My handyman service focuses on small jobs that need to be done around the house.  These can range from changing light bulbs, to hanging pictures and art, to installing pet doors.   I try to keep my website up to date with current projects.  Feel free to visit my handyman blog to see some of my projects.

Handyman Insurance

Taylored Home Solutions, LLC is insured by Lockton Affinity, LLC.  Unfortunately, the handyman industry in Houston, Texas has no regulations or expectations when it comes to insurance.  Obtaining and maintaining an adequate insurance policy is a decision that made by the company owner.

As the owner of Taylored Home Solutions, LLC, I made the decision to purchase and maintain a one million dollar general liability insurance policy in order to protect my valued customers.

Why I’m Qualified to be Your Handyman in Houston, TX

Before I received my bachelor’s degree, I worked in the maintenance department at the Dallas Zoo; as a college student, I worked for the University’s maintenance department, and throughout my geology career I was the go-to-guy when our equipment failed (which was always when we were in some remote corner of nowhere).  Not to mention, I have been the resident handyman at my own home for the past 20 years.

Currently, I am working on obtaining my Residential Appliance Installers Licence.  This will allow me to replace ceiling fans, garage disposals, and other household appliances.

Service Areas in Houston, TX

I primarily provide handyman services to zip codes 77079, 77077, and 77024, but am willing to travel to other portions of Houston, Texas.  Feel free to call me to discuss the details of your project.

Have a great day!

Adam Taylor

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